Blessed Wealth + Prosperity Manifestation Kit


**Blessed Wealth & Prosperity Manifestation Kit**

Welcome to a journey of abundance and prosperity with our Blessed Wealth and Prosperity Kit. Each item in this kit is meticulously chosen and blessed to help you attract wealth, abundance, and blessings into your life, including success in studies, work or business. We all deserve to be abundant. We can help our loved ones, friends, and family financially when we are abundant, not to mention offerings of support to charities and other good causes if we desire.

**Included in the Kit:**

1. **One Million GBP Note:** Symbolising unlimited financial abundance, this fun, fake Million GBP Note serves as a powerful tool for manifesting wealth and prosperity. Hold it with intention and visualise your financial goals coming to fruition. Keep it where you will see it often such as on the fridge, notice board or work desk etc. How would you FEEL if this was real and you were a true millionaire? What would you DO with a million pounds? Have fun imagining and FEEL the excitement and joy of this being a reality for you. Manifestation and miracles occur when we visualise the desire mentally and feel into the emotions of it being our reality 🤩

2. **Blessed Wealth and Prosperity Angel:** Infused with divine abundant blessings, this Wealth Angel serves as a guardian of your financial well-being. Place it in your purse/wallet or any prominent personal space, to attract the energetic flow of prosperity and abundance into your life.

3. **14 x blessed 100% Beeswax Candles:** (2 bundles with a blue, non hardening clay star shaped holder) Handcrafted with pure beeswax, these candles can be used for manifesting multiple things including healing. Light them with intention as you set your intentions for wealth and prosperity. They do not drip like paraffin candles do and they clear any negative energy and blocks you may have around receiving money. They infuse a divine, powerful energy raising your vibration, and can assist you in your journey to achieve more abundance and wealth in your life.

4. **Clear Quartz Heart pocket Crystal:** Known as the master healer, the Clear Quartz Heart Crystal amplifies your intentions and purifies your energy field. Each of these crystals have also been blessed with Lourdes water. Keep it close during meditation or visualisation practices to enhance your connection to abundance. Sleep with it under your pillow and carry it in your pocket or wallet during daily activities.

5. **2 x 2ml Lourdes Water:** The genuine holy waters of Lourdes. These miniature spray bottles carry all the divine blessings and healing manifestation energies. We bring the water back from Lourdes ourselves and we sterilise these bottles to ensure the water is safe to consume. Add a spray into your drinks or family recipes when cooking, and use it for anything else you may desire including to raise the energetic vibrations around you and within your home. Store these water bottles in a cool dark place and away from extreme heat or sunlight.

6. **Angel of Abundance blessed Charm Card:** Featuring a beautiful metal Angel charm, this charm card serves as a talisman of abundance and prosperity. Remove the Angel and carry it with you or keep it in a money box or somewhere you associate with money, and keep the card inside your wallet or purse to serve as a reminder of the divine abundant support that surrounds you.

7. **Wealth Affirmations:** Empower yourself with the positive affirmations that reinforce a mindset of abundance and prosperity. Repeat them frequently and daily to align your thoughts with wealth and success. Choose two or three from the list included with your kit that feel most aligned and suited for you.

8. **Wealth Visualisation:** Use the power of visualisation to imagine yourself surrounded by wealth, prosperity, and abundance. Picture your financial goals as if they have ALREADY been achieved, and feel the joy and gratitude as you manifest your desires.

**May this Blessed Wealth and Prosperity Kit illuminate your path to bring you more financial abundance and prosperity.**

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