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Bring Divine love & light into your life & home. Our small taper candles are made from 100% beeswax & therefore do not drip or leak like most candles do. During burning they release a delicious subtle scent of honey too. Each one burns for approximately 30 minutes.
They are 16cm long & 5mm thick.

Only £1 each or 7 for £5

Every bundle of seven comes with a small non hardening piece of blue clay to hold the candle which can be remoulded & reused many times.
Each one is blessed with Lourdes water making them perfect for:

*Cleansing the body, mind & spirit

*connecting with the divine healing energy of Lourdes


*Prayer & thanksgiving

*Healing prayers or rituals for yourself or for someone else

*Law of attraction, visualisation exercises & self help positive affirmations

*Clearing negative energy from the home & workplace

*lighting in memory of loved ones including their anniversaries

*Raising your vibration & connecting with divine energy

*use for celebratory occasions including birthdays, weddings & christenings, confirmations etc.

*& much more!

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1 review for Blessed Candles

  1. Victoria Morgan

    I have bought many of these Blessed Candles and sent them as gifts
    I would never be without them as they are so special and there are so many reasons to light a Blessed Candle and Prey

    • Blessed Keepsakes

      Thank you Victoria x

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