Finding Comfort in Times of Loss: The Healing Power of Blessed Keepsakes

In moments of grief and sorrow, finding solace can be challenging. However, for many individuals, Blessed Keepsakes offer a source of comfort and hope during difficult times.

In this post, we’ll share two heartwarming stories of how our blessed gifts have provided healing and faith to those in need. Names have been changed for privacy reasons and other personal details removed.

Claire: At a most difficult time in her life Claire experienced the sudden loss of her husband. She said “I was totally devastated and shocked to loose Mike so suddenly. He was my best friend, and I couldn’t bear to carry on without him. Although my family and friends were very supportive I experienced the most intense feelings of being alone and several times I seriously considered being with him because I couldn’t face waking up every day without him there. I am not religious but I have always believed in Guardian Angels. Repeatedly I would ask Mike for a sign to let me know he was near and to help me get through each day. A few weeks later I received a gift box from my niece with a blessed Angel charm The Angel of Healing. I opened the box and saw several white feathers which instantly made me cry, it was my sign. There was several thoughtful items inside with my Guardian Angel charm and some forget-me-not seeds with Mikes name on the packet, and a message from my niece telling me to hold on and reminding me how my love for Mike will never die. It gave me the strength and peace to start healing. I haven’t planted the seeds yet but I keep my Angel charm on my bracelet and wear it every day, It brings me a lot of comfort. I had never heard of blessed Keepsakes before receiving the gift box and I want to say thank you for making a difference, when I needed love and true comfort. It is a very special gift that I will save forever “

Graham: Graham was caring for his wife who had cancer and he found the situation understandably very distressing and difficult. The time came too soon for June to go into a hospice and within a few short days she passed away. A friend and neighbour purchased The Angel of Strength charm card for Graham with a ‘Robin’s appear when loved ones are near’ key ring. A week or two later we received the following message from Graham: “My wife June has recently died after a long battle with bowel cancer. Our good friend and neighbour sent me some gifts from you after June’s funeral. I am not one to display emotions but I was very touched by the intentions of these gifts and what they symbolise. I also have to say that they have bought me much comfort. June loved feeding the birds and we have two Robins that often visit our garden. Each time I see one of them I think of June. She would have loved this key ring and it’s sentiment”

As we reflect on these touching stories, it becomes clear that Blessed Keepsakes hold a unique power to bring comfort and healing to those who need it most. In times of loss, may we find solace and comfort in the embrace of faith, and the presence of these gifts, all blessed with the divine water of Lourdes.



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