Archangel Michael key ring


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Archangel Michael

“Gift of divine protection, infused with Lourdes blessings”

These stunning St. Michael- Archangel of Protection key rings can be also be worn as pendants and attached to jewellery if desired.

Each one comes with a Blessed Keepsakes pillow gift box and is neatly wrapped in our bespoke tissue paper.

Adorned with a finely detailed depiction of his mighty sword, this exquisite piece serves as a powerful symbol of strength and courage.

Emblazoned with a poignant biblical quote this key ring serves as a constant reminder of the powerful Angelic protection that surrounds you.

What truly sets this piece apart from others, is its unique blessing with Lourdes water, renowned for its spiritual significance and healing properties.

This beautiful Archangel Michael is a truly special gift for someone special as it encapsulates several layers of meaning and spiritual significance:

*Symbol of divine Protection: serving as a reminder we are never alone and always safeguarded by Angelic forces.
*Spiritual Guidance: a source of spiritual guidance and strength during challenging times, instilling faith and confidence in the recipient’s heart.
*Lourdes Blessing: Lourdes water is associated with miracles and healing, believed to possess divine properties that bring comfort, solace and spiritual renewal, offering a tangible connection to the divine.
*Meaningful Gesture: Beyond its spiritual significance, this gift also reflects the thoughtfulness and care on behalf of the giver. This is a meaningful and personal gift making it all the more special and cherished.


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