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About Lourdes Sanctuary

As visitors of Lourdes sanctuary we fully support their work and their mission. This is why we commit to donate 10% of our Blessed Keepsakes membership fees to the sanctuary every year.

The French pilgrimage destination of Lourdes sanctuary is set in the most picturesque and beautiful location, overlooking some of the stunning pyrenees mountains.

Millions of pilgrims of all religions, and from all walks of life, visit the site each year.
It was here 11th February 1858, when a poor Millers daughter 14yr old Bernadette Subeirous, was collecting firewood with her sister and friend, when she had the first apparition of the Virgin Mary.

Mary the mother of Jesus appeared to Bernadette another 17 times, revealing messages and affirmations to her, including a request for a chapel to be built there.

During one of these apparitions Bernadette was instructed to “Go to the spring and drink from there”

This was the birth of the Lourdes holy water, and where millions of sick, and dying pilgrims would visit each year, to drink and bathe in it.

The Catholic Church have since certified some miraculous healings as a result of the water, which Bernadette bore with her own hands.
Today, the very spot where Bernadette dug into the earth to reveal this hidden spring underground, is now encased with glass for visitors to see, in the cave at Massabielle and at the heart of the sanctuary.

To learn more about Bernadette, her apparitions of Our Lady, and the sanctuary of Lourdes and their work, click here to visit their website.

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All of our charms are blessed with the holy water from Lourdes

It is believed that spring water from the grotto can heal people if they are sick. We bless each and every one of our charms in the hope that they will provide healing and uplifting qualities.